BAD Challenge Rules and Tips

Beat-a-Day (BAD) Challenge

The BAD challenge is a 30 day challenge. It tests your beat-making, your skratching, your videography and editing. The goal is to make a beat in 1 hour then film a freestyle skratch video to it and get it edited all in one day, for 30 days straight.

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BAD Challenge Rules

Set a timer for 1 hour and make a beat.

– Once the timer is up, bounce the beat down to a loop and record a freestyle skratch video using the beat loop you made

Edit the video

– *Optional* post the video to your website and/or social media

This is a really fun challenge that pushes your musical creativity.  It is a bit difficult and takes a lot of work, but well worth the benefit. Here are some tips if you decide to try this challenge yourself.

BAD Challenge Tips

Write your goal down – Before you start the challenge write your goal to complete the 30 days on a piece of paper and hang it on your wall somewhere you can see it every day.  Preferably somewhere you will see it when you first wake up, or when you first go into your studio.  You are automatically %40 more likely to complete your goal if you write it down.

Mental Contrasting – After you write your goal down, write down how you will feel if you complete it.  Write down how you will feel if you don’t complete it.  This is called “Mental Contrasting”.  It is a technique that will give you more control over your situation and help you achieve your goals.  You should also write down anything that might stop you from completing the daily goal.  Be honest with yourself.  Try to come up with solutions if you know something will be an obstacle for you. Do you have a weekend vacation in the next 30 days?  Bring your portable setup. Do you have long work shifts that will make you too tired?  Try to get up earlier and make your beat before work.  Sometimes it will be hard to work around your life, and that’s perfectly fine.  You don’t absolutely have to make a beat every day, and you can take longer than 30 days to complete the challenge.  The goal of this is not to stress you out. Just have fun being creative, and try to push yourself, but don’t stress yourself out.

Make a Completion Checklist – Write all 30 days down on a piece of paper like this




and so-on up until BAD D30.

You can also write them on a calendar. Every time you complete one of the daily goals, cross it off the completion list.  Crossing goals off a list will help keep you motivated to keep going. It makes it more fun!

Template – Before you start the challenge make a template in your DAW  with any drum kits, samplers, instruments, and/or effects you like to use.  Save your template as “BADChallengeTemplate”.  If you’re not sure how to make a template, just save it as a regular project file with name I suggested.

Save  templates for all the days – The day before you start the challenge open your “BADChallengeTemplate”.  Save the template as a new file and name it “BADChallenge Day1”.  Then save-as again and name it “BADChallenge Day2”.  Do this again for Day 3, and so on, up to Day 30.  This way each day you go to start the beat, you just open the template for that day.

Camera Set-up – Have your camera set-up and ready to record and just leave it in the same place for duration of the challenge.

Make a promise to post the videos – In the rules I put posting the videos online as optional. However, I do recommend this as it will hold you accountable to finish the challenge.  Plus, the support you get from the skratch community will help motivate you to keep going.  I encourage you to share your videos with me as well. I’d love to see them!

Get support – Surrounding yourself with a support network will really help you stay motivated in completing your goals. Posting the videos online and letting people know you are doing the challenge is a great way to do this.  You should also tell your family, especially the ones you live with, that you are doing this challenge. You can also sign up for my email list and I will give you encouragement and feedback.

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