About Z


“Have a dance party every day!”

ZSonic Head
Producer, Rapper, Turntablist, Dancer
Funk Junky, Animal Lover, Health Enthusiast

My Musical Funk Mission

  • I am dedicated to pushing music forward.  
  • I am a funky rapper, turntablist, producer and dancer.
  • I will teach you everything I do.
  • I rock the party!
  • I’d love to party with you!

My Core Values

  • FUN – Always have fun!
  • MUSICALITY – Music comes first. Let the funk flow!
  • LOVE – Love your music. Love yourself.  Love every one else.
  • PROGRESS – Focus on getting a little bit better every day. 
  • SUCCESS –  Start by investing in yourself, then help others succeed.

Please contact me if you have any questions.